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TEE MODELLING AGENCY will be referred to as the Agency, the Artist will be referred to as the Model and the term Assignment(s) will refer to any work, Modeling Job assignment, audition or casting arranged by the Agency.

1. I agree to be under contract with the Agency for a period of 12 Months. I will remain under contract with the Agency if undertaking an ongoing Assignment(s) until the completion of that Assignment(s) or any further associated Assignment(s) in full. I agree to complete any Assignment(s) with the Agency that has been started in any form, verbally/written/email etc, and may not continue this Assignment(s) with a different agent/agency or by self, or any other form, of representation. 

2. I understand and agree that the N10,000 to be paid is for my Online Website Profile and for the printing of my pictures which would be submitted to different clients and it's Non-Refundable.

3. The Agency has not given me any guarantee that i will definately be selected for a Modeling Job or Assignment as the final selection decision rests with the client and not the Agency. The Agency agrees to represent Me but cannot guarantee that I will receive any Modeling Job.

4. I agree that the Agency has the right to represent Me and publish My details, including images, in any promotional/advertising capacity without contacting Me. I agree that any document, in any media, created, produced or published by the Agency may not be used by any other individual or company without prior written consent of the Agency. 

5. I agree that the Agency has the right to terminate My Contract with immediate effect should I, or any person representing Me, fail to behave in a professional and courteous manner towards, and during any communication with, the Agency and Agency staff. 

6. I have the right to terminate this agreement/contract by giving 4 weeks notice. However, if undertaking an ongoing Assignment(s), I cannot terminate this agreement, until I have completed that Assignment(s).

7. I agree that the Agency acts as an employment agency and I grant the Agency sole authority to negotiate and collect, on My behalf, all payment arising from any Modeling Job Assignment(s) 
negotiated by the Agency throughout the contract period. I agree that the Agency collects 30% from all my modeling jobs. I also recognise and agree that the Client is the employer therefore payment for an Assignment(s) can only be made to Me when the Agency has received payment from the client. I understand that The Agency cannot be held responsible for payment of monies owed to Me by the client if the client goes into liquidation or withholds payments from the Agency for any reason.

8. In the event of Me failing to attend a pre-arranged Modeling Job Assignment(s) without notifying the Agency, I agree that I will be held responsible for the costs of the Assignment(s) and I will pay the 30% of the Model Fee for the job to the Agency. 

9. I agree that it is not the responsibility of the Agency to ensure My safety while undertaking any Modeling Assignment(s). I agree to comply with all rules and regulations, including those pertaining to Health & Safety, that are in place at the location of an Assignment(s). I agree that the Agency cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury or accident that may occur to Me when traveling to or from or during any Assignment(s) I undertake on behalf of the Agency.

10. I understand that the Agency does not work with Third Party Agents. therefore, i confirm that i am not from any third party Modeling Agency.

11. I understand and know that if am below 12 years old, i will not be allowed under the male models and no refundable of N10,000 Fee



Knowing well you have agreed to the above terms, do the following below.

1. Send us some of your studio pictures to teemodellingagency@gmail.com OR Click here to fill your details online

2. Pay your Registration FEE of N10,000 (NON-REFUNDABLE: as we use the money to occasionally print your pictures to submit to different clients and companies.



3. You will Sign our Modeling Contract/Agreement.

4. Your photos would now be added to the models on this website, printing your pictures and submitting them to clients for jobs. 

5. Send us your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Descriptions about you with statistics and your Pictures as stated above to the above email including your evidence of payment.
Whatsapp/Call us On 09068656346