Long for popularity and catwalk? Find out what you can do to make your dream come true and become a model.

Every girl in the world wants to be beautiful, and many of them dream of a fashion industry. That’s why many women are eager to find out how to become a model.


It may seem to be an easy thing, but it’s actually not. Becoming a model is a very hard work. Beautiful face and body type are not all you need. There are much more important factors, which can influence your modeling career. Moreover, it isn’t even necessary to be very slim, because nowadays there exist plus size models.


Let’s, first, consider, what means to be a model. There are several definitions. The term can be described as a person who serves as a subject for photographer, painter or sculptor (employed mostly for posing). Another notion says it’s someone, who displays merchandise, such as clothing and cosmetics.

Now we can observe various types of modeling. You need to understand that each of them has certain requirements for women. Among the most popular kinds, you’ll find:

How to become a model – for Nigerian Fashion. It is also known as editorial one. It includes high fashion models. You can see them in any magazines, like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc. They usually work for top designers, such as Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, and so on. Such girls must be about 6'0" high and extremely slim. Their measurements are 33-23-33 (bust-waist-hips). However, the modeling agencies usually look at everything in complex, so if you don’t even correspond to all the requirements, do not get upset.

Runway. They are often called catwalk models. Their height might be a bit lower, about 5’9”. They key requirement is the body size, because they must fit the clothes they are going to demonstrate. The measurements are stricter than for the first type – 34-23-34. The designers usually create outfits and then select appropriate models for them, not vise versa. That’s why if you want to know how to become a runway model, you need to meet all the demands. There may be exceptions if you’re one of the Tee Models.

How to become a model – for ladies Commercial. This type is available for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age, height, and size are. Such women are mostly engaged in products advertising.

Plus size. We’ve already mentioned this kind of modeling. It’s nowadays an essential part of the whole industry, so take your chance. Great number of agencies has such divisions. If you want to know how to become a successful model in this sphere, you first need to be size 12 and upper.

Petite. If you aren’t tall, there is no need to worry. Tiny girls are very popular for lingerie or swimsuits demonstrations. Besides, they can be often chosen as foot or hand models. Thus, if your height is 5’7” and under, you’re suitable.

Child. Many celebrities have started from being models in their childhood. So, if you have a daughter or a niece, there is a chance. Never mind what size or height she is, only age matters (12 years and under). They are mostly hired for magazines or catalogs ads. Nevertheless, several fashion designers make clothes for kids (for instance, Guess, etc.).

Lingerie. Such women must be curvier than, for example, the editorial models. They can display not just underwear or swimsuits, but also sleepwear or summer wear. They might be showroom or petit models as well.

Glamour. They are like the previous type. They usually pose for a photographer. Their job is more sexually suggestive than the other modeling jobs. Girls from Playboy magazine are ones belonging to this type.

How to become a model – 10 best tips Fitness. 

These are athletic girls. They might represent the sport-clothing manufacturer or be commercial models.

Fit. These models are always behind the scenes. They help the designers and manufactures in the process of creation (making sure size and fit are maintained, etc.).

Parts. Petite models may be of this type as well. Such girls are modeling specific body parts, for example, for jewelry, shoes, nails, gloves, and so on.

Promotional model. She will promote various kinds of products. She is usually a trade show model as well. The only requirement is to be friendly and be aware of what you’re promoting.

Mature. These women are about 30 and over. They are frequently hired as commercial models.

These are the main types of models that exist nowadays.


If you’re interested in how to become a successful model, we offer you to observe the following steps:

Take care of your health. It’s essential to be healthy inside. Try to keep fit, eat nutritious food drink enough water, etc.

Maintain your appearance. Your skin and hair must be great as well as your clothing. Wash your face; never forget to take off the make-up, and so on.

Match your purpose with your body. Select the kind of modeling that suits you best. Don’t set unattainable aims. There exist enough modeling types for you to choose an appropriate one.

Try different looks for yourself. You shouldn’t be always the same. Models must be able to change.

Find out more information about fashion industry. It’s necessary to read blogs, books, and magazines about modeling. They contain important tips for you. Thus, you can improve such skills as posing, etc.

Prepare photographs for portfolio. It should be a “raw” look, so don’t use lots of make-up. It should also contain professional photos. Besides, it’s advisable to add shots of your body parts (head, hands, and others).

Take your measurements and find an agency. Every big city usually has several ones. And, as a rule, at least some of them are looking for a particular type of models. Try to know more about the agency before coming there. If you were rejected, don’t give up.

Be attentive while signing up contracts. It must be legitimate. It concerns not only agencies, but also clients.

Be polite and professional. Don’t be rude and be ready for hard working. You need to treat modeling as a real job.

Be creative. Demonstrate different poses, show you’re gifted. You shouldn’t be always the same.

After your portfolio is ready, it’s necessary to choose an agency. If you want to know how to become famous, this is actually the key part of it.



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